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Cherokee Wild RV Park Rental Agreement

Effective June 30, 2023


Welcome to Cherokee Wild RV Park. To ensure all our tenants have the best stay possible, Cherokee Wild RV Park requires your agreement and signature to follow all rules contained in this document as well as all posted rules and instructions throughout the park.

RESERVATION:  No contracts or deposits required. The $150 payment to “hold” your site at time of reservation will be applied to your first rental payment. All rent is payable “up front” and based on the day of your arrival. In the event you leave prior to the end of your paid month, all unused rent will be pro-rated and refunded (less any non-rent balance and/or fines and fees). No pro-rated refunds are given for daily or weekly payments. *Use of any other RV site other than which a tenant has reserved/paid for (parking, pedestal, utilities, etc.) is strictly prohibited ... Except in case of severe emergency/inclement weather.

All campers/RV's must be in good condition and working order. We reserve the right to refuse service to a camper based on its age or appearance, based on our sole judgement.

CHECK IN / OUT TIME​:  In: 2:00 Out: 12:00.  2 vehicles per site please. Please park your RV and car/truck/boat/trailer in your designated site only. NO PARKING ON GRASS 

CANCEL / REFUND POLICY:  If reservation is cancelled 14 or more days prior to arrival, deposit will be refunded, minus a cancellation fee of $20.00. 13 days or less, a camping credit will be issued, minus a cancellation fee of $20.00. No refunds/credits day of or after arrival.

RENT:  Rent includes one RV Site (RV site, one parking space, and designated “yard” area). 

Sites are approximately 85’x 25’- 28’ except for premium sites which are approximately 85’x 20’- 40’) Includes all utility services (water, sewer, electrical) and fiber optic internet. High-Speed Internet packages are available upon request for an additional fee. Rent includes use of most public access areas such as mail access, the laundry rooms, shower/restrooms, patio areas, playground, grills, basketball court, dog park, etc. Buildings like Laundry and Bath House will have coded access. The Main Building and the Pavilion are not included in the public access areas. The Pavilion will be reserved for large groups and reservations will need to be made in advance by completing forms at the main office and paying rent in full. With any Guest or Group Gathering at the RV Park - No drunkenness, drugs or public disturbances will be tolerated.


NIGHTLY: $ 45.00          

WEEKLY:  $275.00   

MONTHLY:  $525.00


*All Rental Rates are based on most recent rates posted in the Park Office. Advance notice when you leave is not required, but office must be informed you have left the same day you leave to make site inspection and assess any additional charges or credits to your account. Your signature is your agreement for final charges to your account to be paid using the credit card on file.

PAST DUE RENT:  Past due rent will incur daily rate charges as a penalty until rent is paid in full.

PARK OFFICE:  Park Office will not be open regularly. Please try to conduct all park business when personnel are on-site or call Teresa Bartlett at (580) 786-6544 for emergency communication after hours. In the event of a true emergency contact the Idabel Police Department or call 911 first.

VEHICLES:  Camper, vehicles, additional trailers, etc. must all be registered for your site. Registration includes: Year, Make, Model, Color and Plate Number. A copy of current insurance for your Primary Vehicle must be on file in the office.

All vehicle travel within the park is restricted to roadways with a maximum speed of 5 mph. Limit all driving and parking to designated spaces. Overflow (non-site) Parking is only permissible where parking is clearly marked.

All vehicles on the property, including but not limited to RV’s, trailers, cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, etc. must be registered and operational. Fluid servicing (oil change) of vehicles is strictly prohibited. Disposal of motor oil or other hazardous materials on site is prohibited. Vehicles leaking fluids will be repaired immediately or removed from the property (damages and/or cleaning fees may be applied).

Use of ATV’s on the property is prohibited. Use of gas/diesel powered generators on the property is prohibited (except to power your RV in the event of utility power interruption). Use of welders, grinders, compressors and any other “loud” tool or piece of equipment is prohibited.

Washing of vehicles on the property is prohibited. Washing of RV’s on the property is prohibited.

ADDITIONAL VEHICLES:  Additional vehicles, utility trailers, etc. parked on the property will incur a monthly “Over-flow” Parking Fee and require Management Approval. Fee will be determined at time of registration/approval. Unregistered vehicles parked on the property overnight will be towed at owner’s expense.

GUEST VEHICLES:  Any guest vehicle staying on the property overnight must be registered at the office or be towed at owner’s expense.

TENANT’S RESPONSIBILITY:  Tenant is responsible to maintain every area of the RV site and the Park Grounds in general. This includes daily removal of trash, debris, cigarette butts, etc.  Cherokee Wild RV Park will provide area maintenance (weed control, holes filled, utility repairs, etc.) All charcoal ashes and clean out must be placed in a bag and disposed of properly and not dumped on the ground at or around the site or grounds. No personal items can be stored or kept outside your RV Site area. All loose items need to be kept/stored as near and under your RV as possible and not “scattered” on your site.

PARKING:  Parking is permitted in front of your site to the roadway for secondary vehicle parking as long as parking is neat and orderly and does NOT interfere with roadway travel and/or parking at other sites.

LOST/STOLEN PROPERTY:  Cherokee Wild RV Park is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property. In the event of a theft or property damage, please notify the office so it can be documented, but first contact the local police department and file an official report.

PARK ACCESS:  Access to the park and building facilities is restricted for your security.  Propping or blocking any doors or gates on the property to allow access (or for any reason) is strictly prohibited.

TRASH DISPOSAL:  Dumpsters are provided throughout the property. All trash needs to be bagged and dumpster lids kept closed.  Any items that won’t fit in the dumpster need to be removed from the property by the tenant. Leaving large items at your site at check out and/or by the dumpsters will result in the maximum fine.

SMOKING:  All public areas are designated NO SMOKING.

PROPERTY DAMAGE/MAINTENANCE:  Report any damage, cleaning or maintenance need to Teresa Bartlett at (580) 786-6544.

CHILDREN:  Children (16 or under) are not allowed in any public area of the park without adult (over 18) supervision.  Children are not allowed to have food or drink inside the building even with supervision. Any damage/loss or additional cleaning costs caused by you or your child will be billed to your account.

PUBLIC AREAS:  No pets are allowed around building or playground area. No bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. are allowed around building or playground area. Use of “sidewalk chalk” or any other “marking” toy on the property is prohibited.

Do not modify, attach or lean anything to the perimeter fence or any other park property by any means (wire, tape, zip, etc.). Do not penetrate the ground for any reason. Any damage caused by you or any party in your site group (including pets) to your site or RV Park property will be charged to your account for repairs. Keep (2) feet of cleared space between your camper (or any property) and the perimeter fencing for easy access and maintenance by park staff.

PETS:  All pets must be confined or on a leash at all times in accordance with Chapter 6-1 of the City of Idabel Code of Ordinances. All pet waste must be bagged and disposed in trash dumpsters or receptacle at Dog Park (NOT in trash cans around public areas). Pets are not allowed to be left outside at night and only during the day when leashed/confined and tenant is on site. All pet waste will be removed daily from RV site area by tenant.

QUIET HOURS:  Quiet Hours are from 10:00pm – 7:30am daily. Quiet hours are strictly enforced.

PARK FACILITIES:  All park facilities are reserved for tenants and registered guests only. Registered tenant is responsible for any guests visiting and all guest must abide by park rules and policies. Registered guests (those staying with the tenant) are permitted use of park facilities and public areas. Guest “Parties” are NOT allowed use of park facilities and/or public areas and need to stay at your site and use your facilities.

GENERAL:  All rules and policies at Cherokee Wild RV Park will be strictly enforced for the mutual benefit of all tenants. Any violation of this agreement or policies at Cherokee Wild RV Park will be cause for penalties, fines and/or eviction.

A copy of the Cherokee Wild RV Park Fines & Fees Policy is in the office and copies are available at your request. As policies are added and/or updated, tenants will be notified and asked to sign an updated rental agreement.

Tenant agrees that in the event of delinquent rent, failure to comply with rules and requirements, or is unreachable by phone or text for more than 72 hours Cherokee Wild RV Park has the right and express permission of the tenant to have any personal property removed at the tenant’s expense.

The park is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by wildlife. Be aware of your surroundings and keep food and belongings contained.

Completing and Submitting the form below indicates I have read the foregoing Cherokee Wild RV Park Rental Agreement, have full knowledge of its content, and agree to its terms.  

Agreement Acknowledgement

Cherokee Wild RV Park will fine tenants in violation of stated rules as posted and communicated within the park, expressed by management and/or staff directly to tenants and/or included in the signed Cherokee Wild RV Park Rental Agreement based on the following:


1. Tenant has agreed that the signed Rental Agreement constitutes a “first warning” for all stated rules within the Rental Agreement AND expressly agrees (by signature) to be charged a fine for that violation.

2. Tenant has also agreed and understands that initial fine for a violation will double in amount for every additional violation of that rule.

Example: First offense = $25 ... second offense = $50 ... third offense = $100.

 3. Tenant qualifies for eviction for second violation of the same offense and/or three violations of any combination of violating park rules.

 4. Minimum fine for any violation is $25.

*Note: This fine is specifically for violating the rule and DOES NOT include any additional charges for cleaning, repairs, removal, etc. that will be assessed to the tenant in addition to the fine.

 5. Any time, effort or expense incurred by Cherokee Wild RV Park to do anything that is the tenant’s responsibility (clean up their site, clean up after use of public area, removal of property, etc.) will be charged a fee for that work above and beyond the fine amount determined at the park’s discretion.  Example: Site is vacated and tenant leaves cigarette butts, a wood pallet or blocks ... $25 fine + $50-$150 cleanup and disposal charge (typical).

 6. All fines, penalties and fees assessed to the tenant are the tenant’s responsibility even if they have been evicted and/or checked out of the park.

Note: Fines and fees are not assessed to generate income for Cherokee Wild RV Park, but are designed to motivate the best neighborly practices and care of our property and yours. These fees help enforce good practices and offset costs associated with poor tenant standards and actions.

Basic Guidelines for Additional Fees:

 1. Every 15 minutes of required staff time = $100 in Tenant Fees

 2. Anything left on property that will not fit in the dumpster (with lids closed) and/or weighs more than 25lbs is a $250 Disposal Fee (minimum) per item.

 3. Actual repairs to property will be at Cherokee Wild RV Park’s discretion.

 Examples: Sidewalk chalk on pavilion takes 30 minutes to wash off = $25 Fine + $200 in Fees;

Wooden spool left on site (or anywhere including dumpsters) = $25 Fine + $250 in Fees (min.);

Site left with trash/cigarette butts scattered = $25 Fine + $100 Fees (minimum).

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